Celtic Inter-Connector

The Celtic Inter-connector is a proposed electrical link which will enable the movement of electricity between Ireland and France.

The Celtic Inter-connector will use HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) Technology for the Sub Sea transfer of electricity. Overhead cables and pylons have as yet not been ruled out. Eirgrid manage and operate the Irish Electricity transmission grid.

What is a Converter Station

A converter station is required to convert from DC to AC..The Converter station is an industrial type of Building with a Height of 25mand is accommodated within a larger outdoor compound with typical dimensions of 300m x 150m (Pairc Ui Chaoimh is 144m x 88m!!)The area of the converter station site is equivalent to 4 Pair Ui Chaoimh pitches.The height of the converter station is that of 8 story building.

Now is the time to act

Make Your Voice Heard Before It Is Too Late!

Report Published by Eirgrid November 2020